Adams Orchard Cider’s philosophy first and foremost is Integrity – no corners cut, complete transparency and appreciation. We believe cider should be made with 100 per cent authenticity and with only the highest respect paid to the fruit. Our cider offers purity and honesty with traditional roots imbedded into its structure. It’s small handmade artisan batches of cider, made purposely for the cider lover – cider in its rawest form and no industrial processes used. Adams Orchard Cider also draws inspiration from the great cider making regions and respective styles of the world. From the big and bold Scrumpy ciders of the West Country in England, to the farmhouse cidres of North West France, and the rustic, acid driven Sidra’s from Northern Spain. Each bottle of Adams Orchard Cider has these stylistic attributes molded together to create an Australian interpretation of traditional cider.

Cider – no more, no less


James is a self-confessed cider fanatic. A Winemaking background gave James a true appreciation on how real cider should be made. His passionate views of cider traditionalism, purism and history are today reflected in the ciders he produces. In 2013, with the frustration of the current state of mass produced, over sweet cider in Australia, ‘Adams Orchard Cider’ was born. Along with Cidermaking, James also tends to his popular cider blog – All About Cider, focusing on quality cider reviews from around the world. Finally when a spare minute calls, James also judges at various cider competitions across Australia, including the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Competition and the Royal Adelaide Cider Competition. In 2012, James planted a small hobby cider apple orchard in the Barossa Valley. The varieties included Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Bulmers Norman, Sweet Coppin, Michelin, Improved Foxwhelp, Clozette, Blanche, Frequin Rouge Amer and Cox’s Orange Pippin. All chosen for their differing characteristics in regards to tannin, sweetness, bitterness and sharpness, the vision is to use this fruit in years to come to help shape futures releases of Adams Orchard Cider.


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Earl of Leicester Hotel
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Cantina Sociale
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The Old Spot Hotel – Sip n Save
The Brauhaus – Sip n Save
P.A.L.S Liquor

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Brunswick Street Cider House
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Carwyn Cellars

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Fix St James
The Oak Barrel

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Strauss Café
Incider Trading
Laguna Jacks
Liquid Specialty Beverages
Queen Arms Hotel
Purple Palate
Australian Independent Wine Wholesalers (AIWW)

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We hope you enjoy what ‘real cider’ is all about.


Under the Liquor control Act 1988 it is an offence: To sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase, liquor on licensed or regulated premises.


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